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Treo Software Roundup - v032709

Fri Mar 27, 2009 - 11:01 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS

Welcome to another week and a roundup of what's new and updated for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices!

Jumping right into it - new for Palm OS this week we have Speedometer GPS, SPINA Thyr and Power-Expense! Updated titles for Palm OS include Astraware Solitaire, CommandBar and Mobiola Video Studio!

New for Windows Mobile we have Voice Twister - Voice Changer, Panoramic Phone Genius and Think Fast Math. Updated titles for Windows Mobile is very slow, but we have PhoneFavs - so, check out all of the new and updated titles!

Palm OS New:


As Neal mentioned yesterday, HeroCraft has just announced a new logic game called Twice.

Twice is an amazing logic game AND memory training tool in one! Flip the face-down mosaic tiles and remember the pattern on the other side. When you find two similar patterns, you score points. Twice - when simplicity and genius go together!

From reading the description on the HeroCraft Website, Twice sounds very similar to the old Match game!

Twice combines the main principles of a classic game: an attractive appearance, popular and simple rules and a variety of game modes. Its rules are well known: you have to flip the face-down tiles in the puzzle one by one and remember the pattern on the other side. When you flip two identical tiles, you score points. To complete the level you have to find all of the pairs.

Twice combines the main principles of a classic game: an attractive appearance, popular and simple rules and a variety of game modes. Twice has 3 game modes so you can pick the game that suits your tastes — race against time, limited number of attempts or no limits at all. Twice sounds like a fun game!

Twice's Features:

  • Colourful Oriental style graphics
  • Pleasant, relaxing music
  • Three game modes for all tastes
  • Excellent memory training tool
  • Captivating gameplay

Twice is available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian (S60 v.3 & UIQ v.3) platforms!

Head on over to the HeroCraft Website and check it out!! And now you can also get Twice here for $12.95.

Speedometer GPS v1.0

RNS:: Speedometer GPS, by RNS::, is the first GPS speedometer for Palm OS. It provides fairly accurate readings based on the GPS data received from the satellite system. It can measure the instantaneous speed of any moving vehicle.

High precision:
The ordinary speedometer in your car is normally not that precise - tolerance of a 10% error is allowed! Further inaccuracies might occur due to wear on tires, or their actual size if replaced. Conditions such as temperature, pressure, and vehicle load might add to that. Finally, car speedometers are intentionally set to show a little bit higher speed than the actual speed of your vehicle - this is supposed to help you obey speed limits.

Skins support:
RNS:: Speedometer GPS can be greatly customized with the use of skins. You may switch them at any moment to get a brand new look of the application. We have created several high resolution skins for your Palm device available on our official website. You can also create your own skins to customize the application even more! Visit the product's official website to start creating your skins.


  • Shows current speed on a big analog display and on a digital LCD screen
  • Calculates traveled distance using two independent odometers (resetable)
  • Calculates average and maximum speed (resetable) and marks them on the scale
  • Shows current altitude (height above sea level)
  • Shows current heading in two modes: graphic (like a compass) or numeric
  • Several LCD displays (the number of which depends on the selected skin) can be adjusted to show any of the calculated characteristics, as well as current time
  • and MANY more features!

Sounds awesome! Check out the screenshots!

Get it here for $9.95!

SPINA Thyr v3.2 Beta

Formatios Reticularis presents SPINA (Structure Parameter Inference Approach). SPINA is a method to calculate constant structure parameters of endocrine feedback control systems from hormone levels obtained in vivo, has been applied in a prototypical implementation for the evaluation of the thyroid function. This application allows for calculating the thyroid's maximum secretion capacity and the sum activity of the peripheral 5'-deiodinase from the levels of TSH, FT4 and FT3 determined only once.


  • Measurement methods and units customizable
  • Clipboard support
  • Last used measurement unit is stored in the preferences and remembered

Of course I use this app to check my endocrine levels on a daily basis. Yeah Right! LOL, if you believed that, I've got some swamp land in Flordia about 100 miles east of Dieter's house to sell ya. SPINA Thyr is over my head, but may be useful to those of you more educated. Much more educated, as in Doctors. ;-) I always enjoy seeing my doctors using medical apps on a Palm PDA or smartphone.

Get it here for free!

Power-Expense v3.0

Power-Expense, by ieosoft, is a complete expense tracking with powerful filtering function!


  • Show total expenses in table
  • Filtered by date range, categories, payment type. With this feature, you can instantly know how much you spent for specific day/days, categories or payment type.
  • Flexible and organized output on table.
  • Export to Memopad for export/printing purpose.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Requires Palm OS 5.0 and 130KB of Available RAM

Get it here for just $7.50!

Palm OS Updated:

Astraware Solitaire for Palm OS

Astraware has updated its Solitaire for Palm OS to version 1.20!

Astraware Solitaire features 12 of the most well-known and best-loved single player card games, chosen based on direct feedback and suggestions from Astraware customers. The games are Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Clock, Yukon, Canfield, Four Seasons, Sultan's Harem, Idiot's Delight, Golf, Calculation, and Freecell, and to make the playing experience both familiar and fun, each game has custom gameplay options so everyone can enjoy the games using their favorite variation on the standard rules.

Astraware Solitaire also features the option to download extra packs of card backs, and in future, other goodies! To download extras for your version of Astraware Solitaire, visit the Astraware Solitaire Extras page!

Please Note:
Due to limitations on available device memory, the Tungsten T, T2, Zire 71 and Garmin iQue 3600 are not compatible with this product.


  • 12 different single player card games in one pack
  • Customize each game to play your way
  • Wide choice of backgrounds, card graphics and color schemes
  • Unlockable rewards including the Golden Trophy Deck
  • Includes a 'clear' card face ideal for those with visual impairments
  • Supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish!

Astraware makes some awesome games - check it out! I love Astraware Solitaire and play it on my Centro a lot. My favorite is Klondike!

Get it here for $9.95!


MOSPOT has updated its CommandBar to version 0.6.1!

Everything about Palm OS command bar. Set the way of popping up, navigating with 5-way keys, changing timeout, managing icons, assigning shortcuts.


  • Popup command bar by holding menu key or pressing shift menu or pressing some other custom key.
  • Enable navigation let the 5-way key functional on command bar.
  • Controls the display time of command bar pops up, being navigated and showing command feedbacks.
  • Up to 4 icons can be added to command bar to launch applications, control panels or DAs.
  • Two type of shortcut support (position-based and user custom).
  • Installs as a preferences panel.

Take control of your command bar with CommandBar!

Get it here for only $6.99!

Agendus for Palm OS

iambic has updated its already great Agendus for Palm OS to version 13.04!!

The New Agendus 13: Accelerating Activity-Related Information Flow So You Get More Done today, tomorrow and beyond! Your everyday life is anything but ordinary. It’s dynamic. It has its share of chaotic moments. And no matter how much you try to plan ahead, demands on your time never seem to let up. Keeping all those plates spinning and communication flowing, especially while on the go, can be quite the challenge. Though seemingly daunting, all this (and more!) is what Agendus, our award-winning personal information manager (PIM) was born to address.

And now, with the release of Version 13, Agendus has become even more finely tuned to accelerate activity-related information flow in a way that makes sense intuitively, can be tailored to meet your particular needs and is fun to use.


  • Keep track of your business and leisure trips with the Trip Wizard.
    • Access a quick overview of your upcoming annual events in the list view.
    • Utilize the search field to easily find a contact without scrolling through your entire list.
    • Customize your Agendus experience by assigning icons to all your calendar, tasks, memo and call entries.
    • Apply vivid agenda rules to your entries for immediate icon and color customization.
    • Crop images directly in the Agendus image picker and zero in on important photo details.
  • Improvements and Functionality Refinements:
    • Added icon indicator to items with associated voice recording and/or sketch
    • Toolbar and other buttons: added tooltips appearing on tap, select, and "stay over" navigation
    • Task view: edit in place can be turned on/off via preference Task group mode: grouping status now retained

New in version 13.04:

  • Auto-List creation: Added the optional ability to remember the auto-list control's state across view changes and even termination of Agendus
  • Added a 'Voice/Sketch' tab in this panel to allow more space for additional preferences [PRE/PRO]
  • Corrected the inability to retrieve certain foreign (non-US) stocks in the Today View Stocks slot [PRE/PRO]
  • Made some minor improvements to the Trips/Projects View Options dialogs by making them more consistent with other View Options dialogs [PRE/PRO]
  • Changed the pastel text color on Sunday and Saturday day labels in certain views to just black, as it was difficult to see
  • Split View: Corrected the time grid disappearing if only untimed meetings were present
  • Calendar Views: Addressed Tap/Hold > Dial on a meeting with a contact associated not completing the call when the contact had only one phone number

You can download a trial of the Standard edition here. Registration for the Standard edition is $29.95.

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