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Wireless Loading

Fri Jul 25, 2003 - 4:35 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


I am sure everyone reading this has experienced it at least once. Just when you need your Treo it hard resets, and that critical app you downloaded the other day is gone. Or you are put in a situation where you need an application you don't have installed at the time. Or maybe you are just bored and want a new game. No matter how you look at it, wireless downloads of Palm programs, databases, and more, are long overdue.

Handspring has worked hard to make wireless downloading a reality on the Treo 600. Out of the box the Treo 600 can handle prcs, pdbs, ringtones, and images. They have something called an exchange manager for third party programs such has Quickoffice Premier to enable them to give native support also. While the Treo end is now complete, the backend for services is nowhere near available. There is no mobile version of Palmgear working; there are no mobile ringtone services available. Basically there is nothing out there that will let you use the Treo 600 to the fullest. The closet mobile commerce site is the Handango Palm Sprint store; the only problem is that they have mobile downloading turned off.

The benefit to the consumer isn't the only reason Handspring has built in such a download system. As rates for GPRS/Vision move to a low monthly fee, carriers lose the incentive to push the Treo smartphone over much cheaper normal phones. When the Treo was released a year and a half ago, carriers were convinced that they could make a fortune off the new data services. Of course consumers bulked when they saw the up to hundreds of dollars a month it would cost to satisfy a wireless addiction so most people stuck to CSD, abet at the slower speeds. With carrier operated stores for Palm OS programs, ringtones, and more, a new line of revenue is opened to the carrier, and more importantly, it gives them reason to push the Treo again. The end result for the consumer is the continuation of large activation discounts, and the new flexibility to download apps anywhere.

But, what services must be made to fully use the Treo 600's download capabilties? I will overview 5 different ideas that I belive should be available to all Treo 600 users.

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