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Wed Apr 1, 2009 - 7:14 AM EDT - By Neal Martin


From the folks at spritemobile, the award winning mobile security specialists, comes Virtual Mobile Beta! Virtual Mobile Beta was designed to allow you to secure your mobile device and its data online in your own Virtual Mobile Vault!

You heard me right - Virtual Mobile offers you the opportunity to securely backup (and control) your whole mobile life - ONLINE! What's more, you can do this remotely! You can remotely control your mobile device from any computer, as long as the computer has internet access.

Virtual Mobile accomplishes this by combining all of Sprite Mobile's award winning software (Sprite Backup, Terminator and Archie). Virtual Mobile is like a Swiss Army knife utility, combining integrated backup, device management and security applications!

Virtual Mobile Features:

  • Online Backup and management of your contacts, calendar, sms, photos, calendar and call history.
  • Control up to four phones from one VM account.
  • Restore or Migrate your data across your phones.
  • Remote Mobile Device Security like Remote Lock and Wipe
  • Management of phone content / functions online

Additionally, Virtual Mobile offers multi-platform support! Currently, Virtual Mobile works on Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems! All Windows Mobile 5, 6, & 6.1 devices are supported, and they're working to include other OS' such as Symbian by the end of the Beta period. Android, Blackberry and J2ME should also be launching shortly! For more information, head to and check out the features area!

Virtual Mobile Beta has just been released into public beta, and the folks at Sprite Mobile look forward to hearing all feedback! Check it out today!

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