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Treo Software Roundup - v040309

Fri Apr 3, 2009 - 7:48 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm OS

Hey and welcome to another week and a roundup of what's new and updated for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices!

New for Palm OS this week we have PearEvents, Time-Track-In-One and HandPuzzMan! Updated titles for Palm OS include 4cast, Map My Tracks and Little Sailor!

New for Windows Mobile we have Spb TV, Virtual Mobile BETA and ThumbLink! Updated titles for Windows Mobile include Resco Keyboard PRO, PocketBowling and Panoramic Calc Pro! Let's check out the new and updated titles!!

Palm OS New:

PearEvents v1.0

PearEvents, by PearMobile Ltd, is a powerful event manager with alarms setting possibility. Our life becomes faster day by day and it's hard to keep in memory all important tasks. With the help of this program you'll never forget about your chief's birthday, son's baseball match or business meeting. Besides this utility includes Chinese and Zodiac horoscopes which are shown for the birthday events. Make your life more easy with PearEvents!


  • Posibility to create hundreds of events
  • Several predefined event categories
  • Dozens of new event categories can be created
  • Events sorting by date and name
  • Alarm and prealarm can be set for every event
  • Automatical horoscope (Zodiac and Chinese) determination for birthday events
  • Large icon database
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Funny it mentions memory, with my memory as whimsical as it sometimes is! ;-) But, the Zodiacal horoscopes are sometimes fun to read, too! Check it out!

Get it here for $6.95!

Time-Track-In-One v3.1

Time-Track-In-One, by ieosoft, is a multi-purpose time tracking program to record hours or minutes spent on certain item/date/time separated by categories.


  • You can also use it to calculate those charges based on hours/minutes.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Requires Palm OS 5.0 and 80KB of Available RAM

Boy howdy!! If I used this app to keep track of how many hours I spend playing with my gadgets and preparing my work for TreoCentral, it'd pay for itself the FIRST day, LoL!!

Get it here for $5.99!

HandPuzzMan v1.3

HandPuzzMan, by Handcase, is a game manager with a package of 10 puzzle games. Each of the 10 games has 5 levels, 1 limit moves, which further increases the degree of difficulty of the game! This can make for months of mental challenge and great fun! Handcase members can utilize the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web!


  • package of 10 puzzle games
  • each game with 5 levels, 1 limit moves
  • 100 images
  • 10 themes
  • Handcase members can utilize the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web!

Get it here for $11.00!

Palm OS Updated:


ShSh Software has updated its awesome 4cast to version 1.93!

Today & next 4 day's weather, plus radar images, weather alerts, and detailed forecast!
Can also be used as a plugin for 2day, DateBk6 & ZLauncher.


  • Downloads weather information from Yahoo weather.
  • Displays forecast for the next 5 days
  • And details (e.g. wind, humidity, text forecast...) for today.
  • Auto-updates !
  • Can be used as a plugin for 2day, DateBk6 & ZLauncher.
  • HotSync conduit !

New in version 1.93:

  • Start system alerts on severe weather warnings !
  • KeyGuard interface to Butler KeyGuard & Nexave !

Check out the screenshots! Pretty neat having today's weather at the touch of a finger, as well as the forecast for the next 5 days! Is it gonna rain? Find out with 4cast! ;-)

Get it here for $9.95!!

Little Sailor: sailing, surfing and motorboat simulator v1.3

Little Sailor, by Maciej Komosinski, is a sailing, surfing and motorboat simulator for mobile devices. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing anywhere! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy. Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practice sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gybing.


  • realistic simulation of sailboat and motorboat
  • six AI opponents, from newbies to experienced sailors
  • generator of new tracks
  • adjustable weather conditions (wind strength, direction and variation)
  • shoals and dangerous areas
  • textual and graphical race summary
  • control by keyboard or touch

Get it here for $14.95!

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