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Texting Craze - Over 1 Trillion Text Messages Sent in 2008

Tue Apr 7, 2009 - 5:58 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

I read over at MobileCrunch that Americans really love to send text messages. I knew that there was lots of texting going on here, but was surprised to learn just how "much"!

According to the CTIA Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey, more than 1 Trillion text messages were sent by Americans in 2008. Man alive, that's a crapload of texting!! That's broken down on carriers' networks to more than 3.5 billion messages per day! And that is almost triple the number from 2007, which had 363 billion text messages sent.

I text but not all that much really. I probably average about 15-20 per day. I do admit to texting in one vote for Danny Gokey on "American Idol" recently. I love that guy! One of my nieces was texting her friends up to 10,000 messages a month recently! I'm sure there are people who text much more than that. I know people who text so much that they don't even have to look at their keyboard while texting.

The majority of people I see texting are teenagers. I've seen some that I know personally standing together in a group texting, and they were all textintg someone different instead of each other.

All that texting is fine and dandy, but not when some of those texts are being sent while driving. I know of someone (I won't mention their name) who was texting me last week. I was here at home texting back and forth with the person and I assumed that he was sitting at a drive through window or in a parking lot. But I continued to receive the texts even as the car was pulling into the driveway. Shame, shame, shame! You know who you are, and you'd better stop that! ;-)

Head on over to the press release and read the other survey findings.

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