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Hot Pursuit!: New Game by eSoft Interactive for WM

Wed Apr 15, 2009 - 6:25 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Hey amateur sleuths! So, you pride yourself in being able to solve a good mystery, eh? Well, eSoft Interactive has a new game that you will probably love! It's called Hot Pursuit and it's an all new mystery-puzzle game that sets you on a thrilling chase of crime solving action - right at the palm of your hand!

In Hot Pursuit you catch the most sinister thieves by travelling from one country to another (over 42 in total) and climb along the Interpol ranks by solving hot cases! Hot Pursuit will keep you glued to your device for hours of crime-solving fun and challenge!

Are you a trivia buff? Then, Hot Pursuit may interest you, as well! Hot Pursuit contains tons of geographical trivias! Well, that puts me out, as I am HORRIBLE at any history or geography trivia - hence my always struggling at the classic game of Trivial Pursuit! But, I did learn a lot from missing my questions and perhaps the same might be true of Hot Pursuit!

Hot Pursuit Features:

  • A different kind of mystery-puzzle gaming!
  • Travel over 42 countries right on the palm of your hand!
  • Includes tons of geographical trivias
  • Cool sound effects and music
  • Save/Load your game anytime/anywhere
  • Online score ranking!
  • FREE lifetime updates!

Wanna learn a bit more about Hot Pursuit? Check out this page from eSoft Interactive's Blog. There's even a teaser video about Hot Pursuit that you can watch while you're there!

Hot Pursuit was released on April 14th and a demo is available for both Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PC. Registration for both is $9.95. Check it out today!

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