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Spb Puzzle 1.0 for Windows Mobile

Thu May 14, 2009 - 6:02 AM EDT - By Neal Martin


Hey puzzle fans, you should check out SPB Software's new release, SPB Puzzle! On May 12th, SPB announced the release of SPB Puzzle 1.0, a jigsaw puzzle game you can play on your touchscreen mobile device! Designed for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices, Spb Puzzle is explicitly finger-friendly, offers animation, haptic response, and real-looking puzzle pieces that are thoroughly crafted, down to the effects of light and anti-aliasing. Spb Puzzle offers 10 puzzles preinstalled, more free puzzle for download, and can make custom puzzles out of any image.

Sound intriguing? It sure does to me! As a child, when I worked jigsaw puzzles, I would always look for puzzles with pictures of certain images. Whether it was a watermill, windmill or any other nature scene, the picture just had to be interesting to me to keep my interest for the potential many hours I would spend staring at the various pieces AND at the box lid with the completed picture. Notice the last sentence above - "make custom puzzles out of any image." SWEET!! Now, you can make ANY picture you want into your own 'custom' puzzle! Puzzle workers, rejoice!

George Ponder over at WMExperts recently reviewed SPB Puzzle and his review made me think back to the days when our whole family would sit around a table with a jigsaw puzzle. Man, do I ever miss those days! To me, working a jigsaw puzzle is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp!

George mentions that one of the few things about SPB Puzzle that was slightly irritating was that the puzzle pieces were stacked on top of other pieces at times. We all know that this is usually the case when you dump unworked puzzle pieces onto a table, so I suppose SPB was just imitating real life!

From the SPB press release

"With this brand new release, we aimed to create an authentic puzzle game with excellent graphics, clearest possible controls and navigation, and an unlimited number of puzzles to solve," – comments Nikita Glushkov, Spb Puzzle Product Manager. "Spb Puzzle gives users the freedom to work on even the most complicated puzzles in the comfort of their own phone, any time, any place. Spb Puzzle also keeps players assured that not a single puzzle piece will ever get lost, or that a nearly completed puzzle will ever get ruined by mishap," he concludes.

Key Features of Spb Puzzle 1.0:

  • Versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60
  • High-quality graphics and finger-friendly interface
  • Custom puzzles from any image or photo
  • Free additional jigsaw puzzle packs
  • Flexible puzzle difficulty – fit for any age
  • 10 preinstalled puzzles in "Classic" pack
  • Pause and resume, autosave on exit, never lose a puzzle until it's complete

With a free trial available, those of you who enjoy working a jigsaw puzzle should definitely check out SPB Puzzle on your mobile device for yourself! You can download SPB Puzzle here and registration is only $9.95 - so check it out today!!

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