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Snappermail 1.8

Wed Aug 27, 2003 - 12:26 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Snapperfish released SnapperMail 1.8 today.

"New features in 1.8 include support for segregating mail accounts into separate folders, much faster message rendering, and improved HTML support. "We're very happy with 1.8, a lot of time was spent optimizing and testing this release, it's faster and much more robust that 1.7," commented Stuart Nicholson, Senior Software Engineer for Snapperfish. Version 1.8 is a free update. Existing customers can download the update from www.snappermail.com/download/login. A free 30 day trial is available from www.snappermail.com/download."

The full revision log is below.

Full Revision Log:
Version 1.8.0
* Messages from respective accounts can be downloaded into separate folders.
* Speed improvements for the message reader.
* Accounts sorted alphabetically and downloaded in selected alphabetical
* User-created folders sorted alphabetically.
* Improved support for HTML with extended Latin characters (e.g. umlauts).
* Improved support for sending messages in foreign character sets.
* Improved SMTP-AUTH support for non-compliant SMTP servers.
* Jog Dial support extended to Fetch One Account and Edit Accounts forms.
* Messages deleted off server sometimes get downloaded again.
* Message-rfc822 attachments not displayed in the body of the message.
* Dialing phone numbers with dashes do not dial on Samsung SPH-i500.
* URLs inside pointed brackets are not detected.
* Line breaks in Base64 encoded text messages rendered as blocks.
* Default message size set to 4k.
* Clipper and Tungsten C Web Pro browsers added to the web browser list.
* Connection log is no longer displayed after hitting Cancel during
* LXbrowser recompiled into to FileBrowser with provision for localizations.
* Dialing a phone number now asks for confirmation.
* [Space] now opens messages in the msg list view on keyboard devices.
* [Space] now closes messages in the msg reader on keyboard devices.
* Minor UI dialog tweaks.

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