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Jeff Hawkins Interview

Thu Oct 2, 2003 - 10:41 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

ZDNET has posted an interesting 5 minute video interview with Jeff Hawkins here, taped at the San Fransisco Misison Possible event.

The video has many excellent shots of the Treo 600 GSM from front to back. It also has a side by side shot of the Treo 600 with an open Treo 300. Hawkins talked briefly about the display (questions posed by TreoCentral members at the event), but focused more on how the Treo 600 is poised to sell better. He noted that users needed to have the Treo 600 more like a phone; in stores the average person was confused with the Treo 300's form. He also noted that when you are talking on the Treo 600 it is not obvious that you have a PDA/Phone; it looks like any other cell phone when in your hand.

The beginning of the video starts with the interviewer asking about the consolidation of models. Hawkins stated that while it appears there is only the GSM or the CDMA version, every carrier has been configured so differently that Handspring has product teams for each one; i.e., that every carriers Treo 600 is essentially a different product

Last of all he praised the browser claiming, "The Browser is so good, you become dependant on it".

Release of the Treo 600 by carriers should be imminant.

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