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Existing Treo owners: Treo 600 for $399

Wed Oct 8, 2003 - 10:15 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

In the recent update of Handspring's website they added information about the Treo 600 upgrade program.

The text of that page is below. This offer expires October 29th, and will soon be available for T-Mobile, Cingular, and AT&T users. (It lasts 3 weeks after the Treo was released under whichever carrier) It is not combinable with new user discounts.

"If you're a Treo 180, 270 or 300 owner, we'd like to thank you for being a loyal customer by offering you a special discount on our hot new Treo 600. For a limited time, you'll get the coolest new smartphone on the market for only $399—even if you want to keep your existing phone number and plan.

This offer is currently available with plans from Sprint until October 29, 2003. We expect plans from Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile to be available with Treo 600 within the next few weeks. We also expect service from AT&T Wireless to be available soon. As each of these mobile service providers becomes available, we will add them to this reward program.* So you can upgrade now by switching to one of our currently available mobile service providers for only $399. Or wait and upgrade for the same low price of $399 once your preferred provider becomes available. "

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