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Sat Oct 25, 2003 - 12:47 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Wow. Months after the "release", and weeks after the Treo 600 began to show up in users hands we finally have our official Handspring Treo 600 GSM unit. YEAH!

From today, I have 14 days to use the Treo 600 non stop - at the end of those 14 days I will hopefully have a full blown review written up of my thoughts on the Treo 600. During the two weeks I think it will be helpful for myself, and interesting to readers to create a picture blog about my thoughts on the Treo 600. Hosted by textamerica, you can read it at http://miradu.textamerica.com. It will be updated a few times a day with whatever is going on in my head about the Treo 600. I think it will be a good 2 week addition to TreoCentral.

Next up - I have the Treo 600 GSM for only two weeks from Handspring (I will be purchasing a Sprint Treo 600 soon after). If you are a developer and want any software reviewed, or would like to be included in a roundup of Treo 600 applications, now is the time to email me at [email protected]. If you are a user and have a question that you want answered in the review, now is the time to email me at [email protected]. Anything else, now is the time to email it.

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