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Handspring's Buzz Campaign

Sat Nov 22, 2003 - 2:40 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

I was reading my latest copy of Business 2.0, and after reading the major articles I started paging through the rest as I normally do. I happened upon an article with the title of "Anatomy of a Buzz Campaign", and before I began to read it certain words start popping out of the page - Handspring - Treo -TreoCentral.com.

"Handspring got the gears turning when Hawkins nonchalantly carried a 600 into a corporate publicity shot in June. As Handspring PR chief Brian Jaquet anticipated, gadget websites like TreoCentral.com glommed on to this tantalizing glimpse like the CIA to spy photos of North Korean nuclear bomb factories. "It really fanned the flames," Jaquet says."

The full article is available in the December 2003 issue, and is available online to subscribers here.

The first news item we had on the Treo 600 is this one, in which we blew up a portion of that publicity shot and gave details of the Treo 600 from the boards. It was however, the users of our site who discovered this and gave all the details from the Sprint Users conference, so to everyone on the boards, Thank you.

In other news, the review is still happening, but it's gotten off schedule. I promise that it will be soon but recently my days have been 16 hours long, not leaving much time to write for TreoCentral.

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