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Discussion Board Issues

Wed May 12, 2004 - 3:27 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Dear Members,

May 12th

The mobile forums are once again up. We are still working on recovering the data, but no luck to date.

Saturday, 1.45 PM

We have the boards up and running again with the March backup, and with an unpolished design (should be fixed by the end of the weekend). The drives have not arrived yet, but if we can extract any data from them we should be able to merge all the threads into the current database.

Members who registered after March 1st will currently have to re-register.

Friday, 12.06 AM

The damaged hard drives will arrive on Friday, so we are going to take a look at them before we open the boards again. So far, we have it up and running internally with the March backup.

Wednesday, 3.54 AM

TreoCentral's discussion board server experienced severe data loss on Tuesday evening. The cause is still unknown.

Both the original hard drive and the local backup drive sustained significant data loss. To make the situation worse, the most recent off-site backup is from early March.

We will have the discussion board restored with the data from March by Thursday evening. If we eventually manage to retrieve the posts from the last month and half, we will merge those into the database.

This is very troubling for us, and we will review our backup strategies and contingency plans. The Store and the main TreoCentral site are backed up daily to an off site server, but the new discussion board server did not have that functionality enabled yet.

We will keep you updated on this page.

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