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Fri Jun 11, 2004 - 1:14 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


The Treo 600 has an excellent keyboard. Domed keys make it easy to type, it's backlit, and somehow it just knows what button you meant to press when you smash down 3 at once with your thumb. But unlike the popular RIM devices, the Treo still requires you to press shift or option when you want to capitalize letters, and use numbers. KeyCaps600 for the Treo 600, and its sister app KeyCapsHack for other Treos, provide the simple feature that RIM devices have to the Treo. Letters can be capitalized just by holding them down. Numbers and punctuation can be typed just by double-clicking the key.

The program is completely configureable, allowing you to decide exactly what double clicking the key and what holding down the key will do. One can have the key repeat, capitalize, turn into the "option-key" variant, or cycle through lowercase to capitols to numbers, or lowercase to numbers to capitalized. The timing can be set from 100ms to 500ms. I like 200ms myself. While the application works great, at the time of review it had no documentation making it difficult to understand how to use at first. After posting this review, the developer added documentation on how to use KeyCaps600 to his website.

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