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Bluetooth Bounty

Tue Jun 15, 2004 - 6:15 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

We cannot wait any longer. We want Bluetooth on our Treo 600 and we're willing to pay for it. Sure, we could wait for the "next generation" Treo, which will have built in Bluetooth, but we don't want to have to upgrade our Treos just to add Bluetooth functionality.

So, inspired by TreoCentral user manorton, we are going to put our money to where our mouth is. Manorton has offered $100 for the creation of a Bluetooth driver, and TreoCentral will add another $500 to that. For everyone else, we have created a secure pledge form for people to add their own "two cents" to this pot. Hopefully we can raise more than $3,000. Maybe even $5,000.

The current total is (loads in an iFrame):

So Treo developers, the challenge is up to you. A working Bluetooth driver is a driver that enables the use of a common Bluetooth SD card (Toshiba's, PalmOne's, or Socket's) in the Treo. However, Bluetooth would be useless without drivers written for certain applications. To win the bounty, this driver must enable the Treo to at minimum wirelessly sync to a desktop and exchange files through Bluetooth. The best part of Bluetooth on a Treo is the ability to use wireless bluetooth headsets. Therefore this driver must also enable the Treo to use a Bluetooth headset (added 6/17). Ideally a driver would sync files/hotsync, work with headsets, allow the Treo to be a bluetooth modem, and enable the use of Bluetooth GPS. Only the first two on that list are required.

The discussion boards are free to use for development, and please if you have any questions or are interested in developing this driver please email Michael Ducker at [email protected].

These specifications are subject to change; TreoCentral.com will make the final determination of if an application fulfills the requirements to win the award. Any intellectual property developed stays the property of the submitting developer, however, in order to accept the bounty, the winning developer must give at least one legal copy/license key and all future upgrades of the Bluetooth driver to every individual who donated to the bounty. TreoCentral will make all efforts to collect the pledged money, however we cannot guarantee that the amount shown will be the award given to the developer.

The Bluetooth Bounty will expire on September 6, 2004. Any possible driver must be completed before that date to win the bounty.

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