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One more for recording

Tue Jun 22, 2004 - 11:02 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

I cannot remember a time when three seperate Treo 600 specific applications were released within a few weeks of each other that all do the same thing. Call it pent-up demand for the voice recording feature enabled in the 1.2 firmware updates. Or maybe it's just developers attempts to sell users their software first, before competition comes around. Either way, MotionApps released mVoice today for $24.99, making it the fourth voice recording application for the Treo. (The other three are SoundRec (Free), Audacity (starting at $29.99), and Personal Audio Recorder 1.1 ($14.95).).

mVoice was designed from the ground up as voice notetaker for the Treo 600, by a company which only sells Treo 600 applications (mRing, mTone, mCamlock...). It includes the same features that users have come to expect from voice recording applications, such as one-button recording, saving files to SD cards, file organization, and a unique user interface. Files can also be sent by email, and recordings can be done with the screen turned off.

At $24.99, this application is more expensive than most Treo 600 audio recorders, however a free demo version is available.

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