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Follow the Tour de France on your Treo

Fri Jul 9, 2004 - 12:45 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

An interesting thread popped up on TreoCentral this week, TreoCentral user NJ Dog Doc asked if there were any mobile sites for up to the minute updates, or stage by stage summaries ofthe famous Tour de France. Showing the power of the TreoCentral community, eight users responded with different websites and solutions to NJ Dog Doc's question.

The most interesting application linked is a freeware application with information on each stage of the tour. LeTour 2004 can be downloaded in english here, and in french/german here. "LeTour 2004" gives you a complete overview of all stages with final results of the Tour de France 2004 running from July 3th to July 25th 2004. By clicking on a particular stage, it takes you to a further screen which gives information on that particular stage. For all mountain stages it shows you the profile with heights and categories."

Of course, this application does not provide live data, so here are some helpful mobile websites, linked from the thread above, to stay on top of who's wearing the yellow jersey in France.

Lastly, the Outdoor Life network is offering SMS updates of the tour. Sign up for them here. Hopefully these sites and LeTour 2004 should be enough to keep one up to date through the Tour de France, however if anyone finds better sites, please make sure to post about them in the orginal thread.

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