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Fri Jul 23, 2004 - 4:30 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press Release:

SoundPix Inc., a developer of audio-imaging software solutions for handheld and desktop computers, digital cameras and web serving environments, has announced its first product for the mobile phone market, SoundPix(R) Mobile - Treo Edition. Designed to run on the palmOne Treo 600, SoundPix Mobile - Treo Edition features a simple and familiar Palm user interface to enable users to instantly capture and wirelessly share sound-enhanced pictures, or "soundpix."

SoundPix Mobile - Treo Edition utilizes the Company's unique All-in-One-JPEG(TM) sound capture and integration technology, which allows users to capture images; integrate text, music and voice annotations with them; and share the resulting soundpix via email, conventional file sharing methods, beaming between devices, or posting to the web. The unique aspect of SoundPix's technology is that the sound is encoded directly into the JPEG file along with the image data, which eliminates the need to manage, transmit and assemble multiple files.

"SoundPix has always provided users a simple, seamless audio-imaging experience from capture in a digital camera, to uploading and manipulating on the desktop, to sharing via the Web," says SoundPix CEO Eric Severance. "Now, with SoundPix Mobile, our users can now create and instantly share sound pictures while on the go with the palmOne Treo 600."

In just three steps - snap a picture (or open an existing file), record sound (via the Treo speakerphone), save the new sound picture - Treo 600 users are ready to view or share their sound-enhanced images. Sharing is as easy as selecting the "email" option, entering a recipient address and selecting "send." Users can also share images on the web by uploading their sound pictures to an online photo album available from dotPhoto (www.dotPhoto.com), SoundPix's photo portal partner.

SoundPix Mobile -Treo Edition is currently available at a special introductory price of $23.95 (a 20% savings off the regular price of $29.95) at www.soundpix.com/

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