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Acid Image 3.0

Tue Aug 3, 2004 - 12:26 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Red Mercury today announced three major new releases of its popular Palm OS image viewer AcidImage 3.0.

AcidImage 3.0 is an advanced image viewer and image organizer for Palm OS handhelds. Version 3.0 is faster and more powerful than any previous version. AcidImage 3.0 is available in three versions: AcidImage Basic, AcidImage and AcidImage Pro.

Features Include:

  • Cross-fading gives AcidImage the coolest looking slideshows yet
  • Folder-thumbnail view gives quick overview of folder contents
  • Full 5-way navigation support for single-handed use
  • Open email attachments, receive images via Bluetooth or infrared
  • Send images via email, Bluetooth , or infrared (AcidImage and AcidImage Pro)
  • Resize images on the fly while sending (AcidImage and AcidImage Pro)
  • Move, copy, rename, and delete files anywhere
  • No file conversion or desktop application needed
AcidImage Basic is a full-featured JPEG image viewer with cross-fading slideshows. It has a simple interface and complete five-way navigator support for the Treo 600. It is only $17.95.

AcidImage is a powerful image viewer that includes all the features of AcidImage Basic, and adds advanced functionality for sending and receiving images. Image files can be sent or received via Bluetooth, email, and infrared beaming. AcidImage is also equipped with multiple settings to resize or compress larger images files so files can be sent and received faster. It is available for $29.95.

AcidImage Pro enables users to view multi-page faxes received as email attachments in TIFF format as well as other email image file attachments (JPEG, GIF, BMP) directly on their handheld or smartphone, and includes all of the features of AcidImage. AcidImage Pro integrates seamlessly with many popular wireless email applications, making it possible to view fax and image files while away from a computer. It is $49.95.

15 day evaluation versions are available for download.

Version 3.0 is a free software update for registered users. Users can also buy special upgrades to move from basic to standard, or standard to pro.

Lastly, Red Mercury has outfitted the AcidImage website with lots of documentation to help you learn more about how to get the most out of AcidImage, including integrating AcidImage with email, bluetooth, fax viewing (AcidImage Pro), and more. For example, here's a tutorial on using AcidImage Pro to view fax and email attachments on the Treo 600

This news item is based off of the press release for AcidImage 3.0.

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