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Orange Treo Code Camp

Mon Aug 9, 2004 - 12:53 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Orange, one of Europe's largest wireless carriers and a large supporter of the Treo, is holding a three day camp for developers to help strengthen their wireless application creation skills. On September 13-15, 2004, up to 250 developers will convene at the Futuroscope science park near Poitiers in France. Orange will provide food 24 hours a day, and sleeping bags all three nights for the participants at a total cost of €120.

Through the one hundred sessions offered, developers will learn about and fully understand Orange mobile application requirements and the various routes-to-market, become familiar with development, testing, certification and validation requirements from Orange and the various Operating Systems, train and code, build and customize applications for possible commercialisation with Orange, and physically test applications against devices across the Orange 2G and 3G networks.

The sessions will cover areas such as Content, Network and APIs, Operating Systems and execution environments, and the process of testing, signature and validation. PalmSource, a gold sponser of the event, will be offering three sessions, along with many generic Palm OS sessions. I've listed the special PalmSource sessions below.

"How to Go Wireless on Palm OS: Whether you're new to serious wireless use, or new to Palm OS, this talk will walk through the many ways to "go wireless" in useful and easy-to-code ways. It'll also cover what Palm OS users will expect and want from your app, and practical tips on how best to go about it all.

The Tool Chain For Palm OS Development: Hands-on session focused on the new tool chain for Palm OS apps. The Palm OS Development Suite (PODS) is based on the powerful Eclipse platform, and supports development of both 68K as well as Palm OS Protein applications.

 Five New Wireless Features to Add To Your App: Palm devices support the full range of products from powerful stand-alone and network savvy apps, to enterprise-class fully wireless solutions. This session is designed to share some platform insight regarding interesting features that can easily be added to your applications."

Register now, as registration is limited to 250 people. The cost is €120; transportation not included.

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