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PalmSource Mac Petition

Mon Aug 9, 2004 - 1:18 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

In Februrary, PalmSource announced that they would not be creating an OS X Palm Desktop client for OS 6, aka Palm OS Cobalt. Instead they are relying on third party developers, such as Mark/Space, makers of The Missing Sync, to develop a Mac desktop client for Palm OS Cobalt.

Because of these actions, Palm OS users have started a petition asking for PalmSource to continue to create a Mac OS Desktop client. More than 1400 signatures are already on the petition.

"We have recently heard the news about how the upcoming version of Palm Desktop will offer no Mac support and are very disappointed in this decision.

PalmSource have treated Mac users like second class citizens for long enough with the lack of being able to synchronize our e-mail accounts using VersaMail, being unable to view and edit PowerPoint presentation files on our handhelds, etc. unlike PC users. It's become obvious that Mac users also require the use of PDAs and we don't want to have to purchase a Palm and then have to purchase third party software just so that it will work with our computer.

We demand that you reconsider your decision to not offer Mac compatibility in the upcoming version of your Palm Desktop software and that you remember the vital role that Mac users play / have played in both marketing and the success of your products. "

It should be noted, that while PalmSource is dropping support for the Mac community, PalmOne has pledged to continue supporting Mac OS X; they even recently created a new Macintosh resource center on their website.

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