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Walt loves his Treo

Mon Aug 9, 2004 - 1:39 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Walt Mossberg is said to be one of the most influential technology writers in the world. Working for the Wall Street Journal, he writes a weekly column about new products, and a few question and answer columns throughout the month. Walt is an avid Treo user; he will almost always compare new smartphones to the Treo, with the conclusion that they new devices never match up. But when a user asked him if the rumors of poor battery life on the Treo 600 are true, Walt wasn't going to just say no.

From Walt Mossberg's Mailbox, August 5th, 2004.

"Q. I am a longtime Palm user, but my company is going with the BlackBerry system, which I don't feel is as good as an organizer. I am inclined to stick with the Palm OS, but our IT department is telling me that the Treo 600 has very poor battery life. Do you agree?

A. No. I carry a Treo 600 every day, and download hundreds of e-mails to it all day, at 15-minute intervals. I compose and send at least a dozen e-mails a day on it as well. I also use the Treo as my everyday cellphone, and do occasional Web browsing on it. I have never once run out of battery power before getting home to recharge it. Not even close.

Your IT folks may be ignorant about the Treo 600. Another possibility is that they are confusing the current 600 model with the earlier 300 model, which had a weaker battery life that caused problems for some heavy users. Or, they may have an agenda. The BlackBerry's maker focuses heavily on wooing IT departments and supplying server software, so it is more popular with corporate IT folks than is the Treo."

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