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Treo Testimonials

Tue Aug 10, 2004 - 11:10 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Showing that PalmOne values TreoCentral users' opinions, today, Cooper Marcus, Ecommerce Marketing for palmOne, put out a request for Treo users who would be willing to give testimonials to PalmOne.

Hello Treo Fans,
I'm assembling a group of Treo 600 smartphone users who would be willing to offer testimonials for future palmOne marketing activities. These testimonials could include quotes, photographs, or even video appearances. To participate, you must live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you love your Treo 600 and want to tell others how great it is, please email cooper.marc[email protected] or call me at 408-503-3201 as soon as possible.

It takes a brave soul to post ones phone number to a public web forum, and I'm sure that the Bay Area requirement will disqualify most of our readers, but for the couple hundred or so that do reside there, this may be your chance at fame! Just kidding, but if you like the Treo and are willing to speak about it, I would imagine that this would be a fun way to talk to people at PalmOne - and maybe even give them a users opinion on what's right or wrong with the current Treo.

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