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Chatter IMAP email

Wed Aug 18, 2004 - 1:37 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

The creator of the popular IM application IMChatter, Marc Blank, has released a beta of his new IMAP email client for the Treo 600. With an appropriate IMAP server, the email application can offer true push email support. Marc Blank has written an extensive manual to go along with the beta release. It is a reccomended read before you install the beta. The manual is here in pdf form, and a zip file containing the beta prc can be found here. One of many ongoing discussions in our forums is here. Chatter is expected to cost $25, and will be available to purchase eventually here.

From the first page of the 22 page manual, Chatter's features are introduced:

Chatter Email is a powerful IMAP eMail client available exclusively for the Handspring Treo 600 Smartphone (CDMA or GSM).

Chatter’s features include:

  • True “push”, two-way syncing of messages between Treo and IMAP server (on compatible IMAP servers).
  • Timed “sync” on servers without “push” capability.
  • Up to 64 folders supported; folders can be on different servers or even different accounts on the same server. Up to 8 of these can be online at any time (i.e. getting pushed mail).
  • Syncing of sent messages back to the IMAP server
  • Full background and “while asleep” operation (i.e. while not in the Chatter application or the Treo is sleeping)
  • Full asynchronous operation (i.e. works sending and receiving while you are performing other activites on your Treo)
  • Wide range of notification options, including custom ring tones (per folder), vibration options, and LED flashing
  • IMAP SSL support
  • Attachment notification (attachment reading is not available at this time)
  • Multiple message selection (delete, move, mark read/unread, and “fetch more” of arbitrary message sets)
  • NO third-party “intermediate” server required.
  • NO desktop redirector required.
  • NO recurring fees.

  • Treo accessory store
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