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Ringo for Treo Final

Fri Aug 20, 2004 - 12:09 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press Release:

Electric Pocket’s Ringo application has been one of the most popular ringtone managers for Treo brand smartphones, enabling users to compose and share custom ringtones or download and install new ringtones from the Internet. Today, the company has announced the availability of Ringo for the Treo 600 smartphone.

Ringo enables Treo 600 users to establish customized ringtones for specific callers or groups of callers, and assign photographs for each caller or group. Users can also choose custom tones to alert them of incoming SMS messages from key friends and contacts. Ringo also enables users to purchase and download polyphonic ringtones "over the air" via a link to a dedicated online store.

Rather than straining to read the name on the Treo 600’s Caller ID feature, users can simply associate a photograph or other graphic to each individual or to groups of callers who are classified together, such as “business,” “family,” or “friends.” When the Treo 600 user receives a new call, the incoming caller can be identified both by a customized ringtone and their picture or some other icon.

Ringo makes it easy to organize a ringtones collection and adds support for adding new tones over a wireless connection. Ringo provides a built-in link to a Treo-optimized ringtone store where users can browse and shop with their Treo smartphones. Electric Pocket’s ringtone store is updated weekly with the latest tunes, and purchases can be made via credit card anywhere in the world. Ringo also brings industry standard 'WAP Push' delivery support to the Treo. Ringo also features a tone composer, an on-screen keyboard that enables users to create their own simple ringtones.

Ringo joins TapDial in Electric Pocket’s family of software products for Treo 600 users. TapDial provides Treo 600 users easy access to their most frequent contacts by placing speed-dial buttons for each selected contact within the application launcher screen. Tapping on the speed-dial button will launch the phone dialer application and immediately dial the desired phone number. A new version of TapDial released today allows Treo 600 users to use photographs of their contacts on the application launcher, making for easy recognition and a really personal experience.

Ringo and TapDial are available from Electric Pocket’s web site at http://electricpocket.com.

We previously reported on the beta of this application. Other products already offer similar features to what Ringo does, most notably the $16.95 application Lightwav, by Toysoft.

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