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Chapura updates Keysuite

Thu Sep 9, 2004 - 11:46 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press Release:

Chapura, Inc., an innovator of synchronization technology, today released KeySuite(tm) 3.2, an update to the suite of advanced Outlook synchronization and information management software for Palm Powered handhelds. Five Outlook companion applications integrated into one, KeySuite 3.2 offers expanded Outlook task management capabilities on the handheld. In addition, with new seamless integration between Treo phones and KeyContacts, KeySuite is the first software solution to direct Treo phone features to search a third party contact management application, instead of duplicating contact information in the built-in Phone Book or Address List and taking up more space on the handheld.

"KeySuite's strength is that it not only reliably synchronizes Outlook information with the handheld but also makes the data more useful once it is on the handheld, when compared to the built-in applications," says Keith Ellenberg, chief operating officer at Chapura. "These additions to KeyTasks and KeyContacts can make the handheld more responsive to customers' daily activities and needs."

New Features in KeySuite 3.2

*Alphabetic and priority sort options in KeyTasks add convenient
ways to display and find tasks.
*Due date filter in KeyTasks List View allows the selection of
datasets for more streamlined lists.
*Seamless integration between Treo phones and KeyContacts. The
Treo Call Log, Caller ID, Favorites and SMS application now search the
KeyContacts database.

About KeySuite

Offering more mobile Outlook capabilities than available on other handheld platforms, KeySuite lets customers carry more of their important information in Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with them, including more fields, categories and folders. KeySuite's software components, KeyContacts(tm), KeyDates(tm), KeyTasks(tm) and KeyNotes(tm), are convenient alternatives for the built-in handheld applications.

Pricing and Availability of KeySuite

KeySuite is available for $69.95, on the Chapura Web site,
www.chapura.com. Current KeySuite customers may download their free update to Version 3.2 from the Chapura Web site. A free, 21-day trial version is available for download.

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