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21,000 bit dynamic encryption IMAP email client

Mon Sep 13, 2004 - 5:42 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

From the TreoCentral Forums:

"VeriTouch is seeking 50 Beta Testers to evaluate the Treo600 version upon release, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Answering many Treo600 user's need to secure mobile email messaging, New York City-based VeriTouch Ltd. will be introducing Mirage email, the first and only totally encrypted secure IMAP email client.

Using VeriTouch's advanced 21,000 bit dynamic encryption, reprise email provides absolute end-to-end encryption to ensure only the true recipient can decrypt the sender's message. All messages received on the recipient's Treo600 will remain encrypted until such time as the true recipient activates their secret key to decrypt and read the message(s).

A unique "self-destruct" feature can be activated, which destroys the contents of the message after "X" seconds have elapsed from the time it is opened.

Interested parties may test drive the current Win32 version by contacting:

Gary E. Brant, CEO
VeriTouch Ltd.
[email protected]"

Mr. Brant has posted further details in the thread. Specifically,

"What is '21,000 bit' encryption? Is the encryption algorithm a standard, vetted algorithm or a proprietary one? (I've heard of 64bit, 128bit, 256bit, 1024bit, 2048bit, etc. I've heard of SHA, SHA1, RSA, blowfish, etc..)

Mr. Brant> 21,000 bit encryption is a unique and patent-pending cryptographic algorithm developed by VeriTouch. As you are probably aware, standard SSL credit card transactions over the Internet are "protected" by a paltry 1024-bit key. Our key is fully 200 times more powerful, ensuring that your mail is going to be very well protected from hackers.

Does the sender have to encrypt the message, or is it encrypted as it arrives at the treo?

Mr. Brant> The message is encrypted just before it is sent from the sender's Treo, and is actually encrypted twice, making MIRAGE the most secure email client ever deliverd to consumers.

How does it handle sending messages to non-secure recipients? (Can I send normasl mail to normal people?)

Mr. Brant> You may use the MIRAGE client to send un-encrypted messages to any recipient in the world, however, a MIRAGE message can only be received and decrypted by a recipient running MIRAGE.

Am I required to send my mails through your server?

Mr. Brant> In the first release of MIRAGE, you must use our server as the way-point between your IMAP ISP, like Fastmail.fm.

Do I have to supply the encryption key for each message I read, or once per session?

Mr. Brant> As noted above, MIRAGE messages are encrypted TWICE. To read a MIRAGE message, you simply enter your PGP private key passphrase, which can be set to local cache or while you are logged on. However, for true security, you should enter your PGP private key passphrase at each read.

Will you support public key encryption, such as pgp and/or gpg ?

Mr. Brant> As you understand by now, MIRAGE uses PGP as one of the two encryption processes on all messages sent and received. The program also contains a PGP search engine to locate users' public PGP keys so that you can send them a MIRAGE message."

We hope to have more information soon, we will keep you updated here at TreoCentral.com

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