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Free Treo 600 accessories with purchase

Wed Sep 15, 2004 - 11:06 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

From now until September 30th, if you buy a Treo 600 with activation from PalmOne's Online store, they'll throw in for free a free docking cradle, car charger, and set of screen protectors, a $79 value. Apple users can get even more free accessories; MacMinute is reporting that Apple users (or any user, but this was from an apple press release) can enter the coupon code "app79" at checkout, and receive the three previously mentioned accessories, and a Treo Form-fit leather case, a total value of over $100 of free accessories with Treo 600 purchase.

My opinion on this deal:

With Treo 600 sales showing no signs of slowing down, PalmOne should not need to provide a major incentive such as this one to encourage users to purchase the device. However, with rumors of the next generation Treo model coming out late October/early November, PalmOne will need to reduce their inventory of current Treo 600 accessories. This kind of promotion does accomplish this task, and also may increase Treo 600 sales. As the pictures of the Treo Ace showed, PalmOne is rumored to be introducing a new connector for the Treo, thus all the old accessories will no longer work. Lastly, the MacMinute story about Apple being involved in this, raises questions about how close PalmOne and Apple may be getting. It would it odd for two companies to join up and jointly announce a promotion simply to benefit PalmOne. You know, it would be incredibly nice to see an iTunes protected AAC playing player for Treo like Apple has promised for Motorola cellphones. On a more realistic front, this is encouragement that PalmOne is not giving up on supporting Mac users directly, unlike PalmSource which has announced plans to drop support for OS X in Cobalt and future platforms.

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