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Ask PalmOne

Thu Sep 23, 2004 - 6:01 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

TreoCentral is excited to announce an exclusive interview with PalmOne. After a month of working things out, Greg Shirai, Director of Product Marketing, and Rob Haitani, Product Design Architect, both long time Handspring/Palm/PalmOne employees have agreed to answer our questions.

But our questions are your questions. What do you want to ask these two people at PalmOne? Some examples are: How do they use their Treo? What design philosophies do they work towards? What was with that whole buzz marketing campaign they did in launching the 600? What is their favorite application or accessory? What were the design decisions that left Bluetooth out of the final Treo 600? How has competition changed your views on the smartphone?

We've created a thread for you to ask your questions of these two individuals. TreoCentral staff will pick 10-15 to send on for Mr. Shirai and Mr. Haitani to answer. The entire process will take about 3 weeks. Please remember that PalmOne is unable to comment on future products, and will not answer any questions regarding those.

Who are these people?

Greg Shirai is Director of Product Marketing at PalmOne. Greg joined Palm in 1997 as the product manager for the Palm III. He joined Handspring in January 1999 as the original Visor product manager and eventually managed the product group responsible for all the Visor handhelds. Most recently, he leads the product marketing team for the Treo smartphones at palmOne.

Rob Haitani is a Product Design Architect at PalmOne. Rob joined Palm in 1993, where he was product manager for the original Pilot and designed the UI for the Palm OS. He managed the product group responsible for the Palm III and Palm V. Rob was part of the founding team at Handspring in 1998. He subsequently was responsible for the UI design of the Treo line of smartphones.

And so begins a new monthly feature of TreoCentral: Interviews with the insiders of the Treo world. We're excited to provide this new opportunity for Treo users to connect with the people who can create. Thank you to Marlene Somsak, Greg Shirai, and Rob Haitani for helping setup and do this interview.

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