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ProClip Holster

Fri Oct 29, 2004 - 11:42 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Fixed vs. Rotating

As I said before, the ProClip offers two different ways of securing the Treo to your belt. First I used the fixed horizontal clip, which slides into place on the holster with a soft click sound. I really like how close the fixed clip keeps the Treo to the body.

To secure the Treo in place, slide the top part face side down into the holster, then listen for a secure click sound when the bottom of the holster grabs the HotSync port. The process is pretty seamless; I wear my Treo on my right hip, and I can quickly grab it with my left hand using my index finger to push the plastic away from the HotSync port and slide the Treo out. This is where there is a bit of a learning curve, as it takes time to get the hang of removing the Treo quickly.

When wearing the holster on your right side, the Treo's antenae points forward; when wearing the holster on the left side of your body, it points behind you.

To switch to the swivel mount that lets the Treo hang vertically, use a pen or a screwdriver and press in a small button in on the clip, then slide the clip off. The ProClip comes with clear and well-illustrated instructions on how to do this.

The vertical swivel clip presents an interesting challenge, as you have to retrain yourself from wanting to disconnect the clip when you need to use the Treo. Otherwise, you'll be unhooking the Treo from your belt and then removing it from the holster, which makes for a messy two-step process. I also found that the swivel clip tended to hurt when I was wearing an untucked shirt, while I didn't seem to have that problem so much when in horizontal mode.

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