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G2 for Treo 600

Fri Nov 12, 2004 - 12:20 AM EST - By James Hromadka


Once you experience wireless, cables become passe. Do you remember your first cordless phone? When i was young, my parents had a regular phone with a cable that stretched about 15 feet, and I stretched it to the limit as I walked about the kitchen. When they got a cordless phone, I walked everywhere around the house while on the phone.

As time went on, I left the house with a cell phone. The first cellphones were big and clunky though, and this really gets to you when having long conversations. Now cell phones are small enough to use everywhere and for however long you want, but people that use them while driving get distracted -- so distracted that cell phones are involved in 10% of auto deaths each year.

With that in mind, many cities now ban using a handset while driving, so headsets have become popular. The Treo 650 will have built-in Bluetooth wireless capabilities, but for Treo 600 users, a headset with a cable was the only thing available. Now Bluetrek has given Treo 600 users Bluetooth connectivity with the G2 headset with the BT07 Bluetooth dongle.

In the Box

The G2 comes in an attractive box that prominantly displays the headset and has details on all its features. Inside the box, there's the G2, a carrying case, a Bluetooth dongle with a short detachable cable, and an AC adapter.

Here are the detailed specifications from the manufacturer:

  • Battery : lithium polymer, capacity = around 150mA, can be recharged in less than 2 hours when empty
  • Charging circuit : protection against overheat and short-circuit, charge controller
  • Power management : special design to control the current consumption transmission auto adaptative according to the distance of the mobile, deep sleep implemented, HV1,HV2 and HV3 (very low power consumption) depending the mobile phone
  • Standby time : Up to 400 hours
  • Talk time : 6h in HV1 / 7h30 in HV2 (most common use) / 9h in HV3
  • Speaker = 16/32 ohms, diameter 11mm
  • Microphone = omnidirectional microphone, 4.5mm (dia.) x 1.8mm (H)
  • Hardware : CSRÂ’s single chip solution BC02 Audio, 4 layers PCB with double side layout, optimized printed antenna designed by Innovi
  • Current consumption: from 15mA to 30mA at full power; 0.35mA in standby.
  • Software : stack from CSR, upper layers from Innovi optimized for power saving (blank detection)

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Product Info
> Name G2 for Treo 600
> Company Bluetrek
> BT07 Talk/Standby 2/4 hrs
> G2 Length 67.5mm
> G2 Width 19.5mm
> G2 Depth 10mm
> G2 Weight 12.5g (0.44oz)
> G2 Talk/Standby 9/400 hrs
> Bluetooth Yes
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $79.95

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