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Rough WiFi for Treo 650

Wed Dec 15, 2004 - 10:36 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

TreoCentral member shadowmite, with the support from many other members, this evening released a rough but working WiFi driver for the Treo 650. The driver currently works with palmOne's SD WiFi card.

Warning - Do not install this driver unless you are willing to perform a hard-reset on your Treo. According to shadowmite, the driver "takes over the network connection/library... COMPLETELY! Once installed, you can not access vision UNTIL you hard reset and get it off the phone. Maybe with some more time we can find a way around that". The phone voice part of the Treo still remains functional.

Download the driver here.

1) Copy the file to a SD card
2) Run the file
3) It will go threw installing some files, followed by a soft reset
4) It will install some more files, and identify itself as T5 Wifi installer
5) It will ask for the Wifi CardÂ…
6) Insert the card and press next, it should finish and reset again.
7) Rock and roll, experiment and figure it out.

Discuss your experience with the driver on our discussion board.

Hopefully this driver will be polished over time, so that Treo 650 users can easily switch between WiFi and the internal network connection.

With this latest work, Shadowmite's reputation as a Treo "hacker" is taken to the next level. Back in November he released a patch that enabled DUN on Sprint Treo 650.

palmOne's President Ed Colligan commited back in October to releasing official palmOne WiFi drivers for the 650, but no timeframe has been announced to date. From
Direct from palmOne, "'We do have a wifi card that will work in the SD slot, but we do not have the drivers yet.' Colligan continued to say that palmOne will be working on creating the necessary drivers. '"

If you want to donate you can PayPal [email protected], but Shadowmite prefers people keep the donations low and help support other palm programmers to continue writting awesome apps!

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