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Bluetooth Carkit Update

Thu Dec 23, 2004 - 9:46 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

If your car is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you are supposed to be able manage your calls in the car in a handsfree manner with Treo 650. Unfortunately with many car owners that has not been the case. The 650 turned out to be incompatible with a majority of Bluetooth car kits.

palmOne has now posted a a carkit update that is supposed to resolve these compatibility issues.

"Install the update provided here on your Treo 650 to improve the interoperability with the supported carkits. In fact, if you have any Bluetooth car kit - factory, dealer or self installed - we recommend that you install this update for best results with Treo 650."

According to palmOne the Treo 650 is now compatible with:
  • MobileEase car kit from Peiker Acoustics, used in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars
  • HandsFreeLink TM car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) used in Honda and Acura cars
  • UConnect car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) used in Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge cars
  • Integrated car kit used in Audi vehicles with Bluetooth technology
  • DriveBlue Installation-free Bluetooth car Kit from Parrot
  • CK3000 Bluetooth handsfree kit from Parrot
  • CK3100 Bluetooth handsfree kit from Parrot
  • Anycom HCC-110 headset car kit

Available features:

  • Observe the carrier name and signal strength in the car kit*.
  • Incoming calls will ring in the car. In some car kits*, you can also see the caller ID for the incoming call.
  • Answer or reject the incoming call with the car kit. Whether you answer the call from the car kit or Treo 650, the call audio is automatically transferred to the car.
  • Transfer your Treo 650 Speed Dials to the car kit phone book*. To learn how to assign speed dials, refer to your Treo 650 documentation.
  • View the call log of last dialed, missed or received calls in the car kit*.
  • Initiate outgoing calls from the car by dialing the number from the car kit phone book, or from the list of missed, received or previously placed calls*. The call audio is automatically transferred to the car.
  • Swap calls to manage multiple calls*.

* Car kits vary in the list of supported handsfree calling features.

If you are an affected user, post your results in the Individual Automobile thread, and we will update this article.

Some comments on the patch from our readers:

Lexus LS430: I followed the instructions on PalmOne's web page LITERALLY step by step and got my phone to work with the 2004 Lexus LS430. Everything now works! ...initiating calls, receiving calls, signal strength, etc.

Toyota Prius (not yet listed as compatible): Bottom line, things are still not working correctly, and the average user likely won't be able to figure anything out, but at least it works partially, and slightly better than before.

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