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Copilot Case

Wed Jan 19, 2005 - 11:11 PM EST - By James Hromadka


When I first started seeing people carrying their cell phones in those side pouches instead of using beltclips, it seemed like an interesting way to carry a phone. Now that I've tried it out by using the Copilot by E&B Company, I see why so many people are now using pouches instead of beltclips.


The Copilot case has a sewn-on loop that you put your belt through when wearing it. There is no clip to break, detach, or rub against you. Slide the Treo 600 or 650 into the case with the antenna at the top. I prefer to have the Treo's screen pointing towards me when I put it away, but you can also choose to have it pointing away from you when inside the case as well.

A magnetic snap firmly holds the lid shut, and the E&B Company logo is near the bottom-right corner of the front of the case. The only Treo parts exposed are the antenna and the headset jack, which comes in handy for users that want to wear a headset and keep the Treo put away.

There is a nice soft lining on the inside of the case that keeps the Treo from scratching. The leather is padded, offering additional protection.


I really liked how secure the Treo was when wearing the Copilot case. Beltclips typically cover only about an inch of your belt, while the sewn-on loop of the Copilot covers almost three inches of the belt, making for a very secure hold. The case is not much bigger than the Treo itself, so when wearing it, I found that sometimes it did not feel like it was there. This unobtrusive feeling is a first for cases that I have worn on my side.

When in the car, the case did not feel uncomfortable or get in the way when wearing a seatbelt, which is a good thing as it would look silly to have to undo my belt everytime I got in a car!

The Copilot is very well-made, and the black leather looks sharp in any business environment. The magnetized snap makes it easier to close the lid of the case and makes a nice click noise when it is securely fastened. The snap is easy to lift and get to the Treo when needed, and I could clearly hear the Treo when it rang in the case and feel it when I had it on silent mode.

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> Name Copilot Case
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> Weight 1.8 oz. / 5.1 g.
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