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Nutshell Natural Leather Case

Thu Jan 27, 2005 - 6:55 PM EST - By Douglas Morse


The best thing I can say about the Nutshell is that it works exactly as advertised. It is a solid slab of leather with a suede lining that clips to your side in a no-nonsense way. The clip is a low profile stretch of metal that clamps onto your belt with a vise-like grip. A ‘D’ ring at the top of the clip provides another carrying alternative. The Nutshell itself holds a firm grasp on the Treo, while the Treo does slide in and out with ease.


One thing I’ve noticed is that the Nutshell works well paired with a Bluetooth headset, as there is no need to slide it out of the case for use. With voice dialing software, I imagine that this would also give the Nutshell more usability. However, there is no access to any other features such as the headset jack, rocker switch, hotsync port and the rest. And since the Treo’s jack is at the bottom of the case (a design feature that really irks me), it is impossible to use a wired headset or listen to music while the Treo is in the Nutshell. I think it would have been possible to include a cut out at the bottom of the case for the jack without impairing the design integrity.

Part of the problem seems to me is that the Nutshell is more of a generic case without specific thought to the multi-function uses of the Treo. In the days of more simple PDA’s, it would have been an excellent option; however, for Treo users who want access to the various ports, there seem to be too many downsides to using this type of case.

Design and Workmanship

That said, it is well crafted of very fine leather and does hold the Treo snugly and comfortably against the hip. Also, this is simply the best belt clip I have seen on any case. It is super low profile and takes a bit of effort to pry over a belt. This is a GOOD thing as there seems to be little to no chance that it will slip or break off under any circumstance.

The Nutshell may be good for the office geek who wants easy access to the naked Treo, though it offers no protection to the unit when you take it out of the case. Because of the clip design, it rides very snuggly against the hip.

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