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Codi Fit Case

Tue Feb 8, 2005 - 9:01 PM EST - By James Hromadka


A carrying case is your Treo's best friend. It can differentiate you from the other Treo users you may see throughout the day and thus can be a status symbol for some users. A simple looking case can sometimes hide the high quality and intelligent design that went into creating the case. The Codi Fit Case simple looks belie the quality in its design.


Slide the Treo 600 into the Codi Fit Case and snap close the flap to secure the Treo. Here is a list of Treo parts that are exposed:

Front - LED, ear speaker
Top - Power, Mute switch (SD slot is accessible after unsnapping the lid of the case)
Side - Volume Back - Speaker, Camera Lens, Reset hole
Bottom - Headphone, HotSync, Mic

A clear plastic front panel covers the entire front of the Treo. This is one of those features that some users will love because the keys, buttons, and screen are all protected from dust and spills, while others will not like the potential touchscreen interference.

I had to remove the screen protector I was using before I could effectively use the touchscreen. The screen is usable, but you do have to press a little harder with the stylus in order to use it. Thankfully, many apps allow the Treo's navigational buttons to handle most onscreen interaction.

In using the keyboard, I did not find the paneling distracting and was still able to type effectively.

I really like the Nubuck leather that the Italian company has chosen to use. The leather is buffed to give it a look and feel reminiscent of suede and feels great to hold. I have never been a big fan of off-colored stitching, but at least it is yellow and not distracting like white can be. The Nubuck leather is probably the best feature of the Codi Fit Case, as it gives the case a feeling of quality and craftsmanship usually reserved for more expensive cases. I hope other cases start using Nubuck more often.

The beltclip is directly attached and cannot be rotated. It is steel and very shiny - the words "bling bling" came to mind when seeing it for the first time. The clip has the Codi logo and website engraved on it. This detracts from the chrome look that the clip is going for, but the thing isn't seen when wearing the Treo anyway so it's a moot point.

The beltclip holds the Treo securely, but I miss the swivel functionality that some other cases have, especially when sitting down, where I generally had to take the Treo off. However, it also does not stick out as much as swivel clips do. You can still keep the Treo in a jacket and not have it stab you all the time.

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