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Socket OrganizeIT Suite

Mon Apr 11, 2005 - 6:54 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


The Socket OrganizeIT Suite bills itself as a solution to organize a video or music library and it appears that it will handle that task. My impression is that the scanner was designed for less prosaic tasks and more serious inventory control to use with customized applications. One of the uses touted on the box is the ability to never buy a duplicate CD, DVD, or VHS again. Even though I have hundreds of CDs and over 60 DVDs (with a value of over a $1000 I now know), I’m not sure the expense and effort is worth it to avoid buying a duplicate or two.

However, many people do enjoy cataloguing their collection and may wish to have it available on their Palm or Pocket PC device. Others may have higher powered inventory uses for the scanner and in that case is a very worthwhile purchase.

Also I would advise against a DVD buying spree anytime soon because high-definition DVDs will be available by the end of the year. Though of course I would encourage you to pick up my movie 2000 Miles to Maine: Adventures on the Appalachian Trail from www.trailmovie.com or on Amazon. UPC is 825346231099.

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Hardware 5
Setup 3
Usability 3
Cost/Benefit 2
(not an average)
  • Scanner itself is top notch
  • Easily catalogue a video collection
  • Cons
  • Minimal information pulled from web
  • Irritating setup
  • Buggy CD database software

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