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Sena LeatherSkin Case

Thu Apr 14, 2005 - 1:32 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


The Sena LeatherSkin case is similar to the company’s MagnetFlipper Case but without the flip lid. As with other skin cases, the front of the case is open, however every manufacturer makes decisions about the tradeoffs between protection and usability. Some choose to cover the entire front of the case with plastic; other cases such as the S650 Skin case cover the central control buttons while keeping the keyboard and screen exposed, while still others cover the screen but not the keyboard. Sena chose to maximize accessibility to all features.

This review will cover both the belt-clip and clipless version of the case.


The Sena case looks good. Whether you order Red, Black, Blue, or Tan, the stitching will be of the same color. The Treo slides into the case and a flap goes over the top to snap in the back to hold the unit firmly in place. There are cut outs for every speaker, port, and light. The flap that goes over the top does obscure the IR, but can easily be snapped off for quick beaming.


In terms of the front of the case, I think Sena got it right by keeping it simple. Everything is exposed that should be: screen, navigation buttons, speaker, even the status light. There is a cross bar of leather between screen and buttons. People with large fingers may find it annoying because you have to press with just the tip of the finger or fingernail on the home, menu and up buttons. The crosspiece gives a bit more protection and stability to the case and is an appropriate design choice.

The advantage of this type of case is that it looks and feels good without adding much to the Treo. It may offer some protection in case of a fall, though the screen is the most vulnerable. You would have to step up to a flip lid design to get that sort of protection. At least you can slip a screen protector over the screen.

Although the snap closing over the top does hold the Treo in place securely, it seems to be at odds with the slim form fit design because it creates a small bulge in the back of the case. Because Treo owners tend to be enormously finicky, this may be enough to turn some off of this particular case.

Ratchet Belt Clip

The Clip version of the case uses Sena’s ratchet beltclip design. The case ratchets every 45 degrees allowing for full 360 degree rotation. Like most belt clips, the Treo is released from the clip with a simple push on the top of the clip. The clip itself fits belts 1.5” wide. The clip is basic plastic and it is certainly not thin. The Treo rides too far off the belt. The case side of the mechanism, although plastic, is stitched firmly in place on the back of the case.

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