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Orange Switzerland Launches Treo 650

Mon Apr 25, 2005 - 11:09 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press Release:

Orange is the first mobile communications provider in Switzerland to offer the new Treo 650. The new Treo 650 from Orange comes with PalmOS, integrated QWERTY-keypad and camera, e-mail and Internet access, calendar, contacts, to do list, memos, multimedia and many other functions - everything you need for mobile working and entertainment. With numerous additional applications and specially developed business solutions (e.g. MobileFinder), the Treo 650 will appeal particularly to companies.

The Treo 650 from Orange is a compact, fully equipped mobile phone with a Palm OS organiser. It provides all the mobile communication options you need (SMS, MMS, messaging, e-mail, Internet) to stay organised and keep in touch while you are away, whether with the company, your customers and business partners or with family and friends.

Its predecessor, the Treo 600, is one of the four best-selling smartphones in Europe. As a result of its partnership with palmOne, Orange is able to offer a PalmOS-operated smartphone in the shape of the Treo 650, that is specifically geared to the needs of its customers. For the first two months following its launch, Orange will be the only mobile communication provider to offer its Treo 650 on the Swiss market. In comparison with the standard Treo 650, the Orange Treo 650 comes with the following additional features:

* Orange Homescreen: direct access to contacts, telephone call lists, SMS, MMS, e-mail, calendar, camera and Orange World. [Editors note: This is also known as the Orange Signature Interface, and is the same on all of Orange's top phones, whether Palm, Symbian, or Windows Mobile. The icons open into menus that have actions, such as "new calendar" or "take photo", that go along with the applications linked from the icon. In using it recently on a Windows Mobile device, I think it is a large improvement over the current Treo home screen.]
* Orange Backup: Backup of Treo 650 data (SIM contacts, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, pictures) on the Orange backup server - available with Express option without additional charges.
* Orange Download: Additional applications, demos and backgrounds for the Treo 650 from Orange.
* Orange Try Card: 32 MB memory card with trial versions of various business and entertainment applications (currency calculator, route planner, translation programme, games, Star Wars trailer).

Depending on the plan chosen, The Treo 650 will cost from CHF 399 to CHF 999.

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