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Logitech Mobile Pro Headset

Wed Apr 27, 2005 - 2:00 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


Every headset company has their own way of having a headset to stay on one’s ear. At first glance, the Logitech Mobile Pro appears like your standard boom and ear loop affair; further investigation reveals it has subtle features that differentiate it from many other options.

One of the most striking things about the Logitech Mobile Pro is the charging/carrying case. If Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen somewhere in the heart of Disneyworld, then this charging case is perfect example of what his freezing chamber would look like. The earpiece rests inside and the case then closes around the unit. The charging case is designed not only for charging but for travel as well—magine a bulked up eyeglass case with a clear top. The case is extremely tough and durable, and you should feel comfortable tossing the whole chamber into a briefcase or bag for travel. The earpiece is rated for 7 hours of talk time.

Set up is simple. Press the multifunction button on the side of the earpiece for about ten seconds to put the earpiece in pairing mode. Then start the Bluetooth wizard on the Treo to pair the devices. The manual is also clear and easy to read.


The Mobile Pro definitely has a very cool design. The ear boom is on a swivel that rotates up next to the speaker to achieve a very low profile when closed. Swivel it open for the full earpiece. The mic boom is very long and acoustics 101 states that the closer the microphone to the mouth the better the sound quality.

Unlike many other earpieces, the earloop pressure is controlled not by bending but by two separate spring hinges. One controls the motion of the earloop to go over the top of the ear and the second hinge separates the earloop into two halves that slide open as the earpiece slides over your ear.

The effect is that the earpiece is always snuggly and precisely fit to your ear. The only drawback is that it is not as comfortable as headsets with lighter designs. The tradeoff may well be worth it for some because the fit is always accurate and both the headset speaker and boom mic will always stay in the place that you put them.

A cool feature is the fact that the earpiece is hinged allows the earpiece to clip to a shirt pocket when not in use, so there is no need for an extra lanyard or other type of clip.

The speaker itself rests against your ear covered with a piece of foam (Logitech includes an extra piece for when the first one gets a tear or wears out).


The controls on the headset are extremely simple and like the rest of the headset are well laid out. The multifunction button allows you to answer, hang up, and transfer calls and is easily accessible with the index finger. The volume button is also easy to find and use -- imperative because in mid call you do not want to be working too hard to access the functions of headset. The headset also answers calls as rapidly as the Treo sends or receives them.

Sound Quality

The Mobile Pro Headset is billed as having a noise canceling microphone and damned if it isn’t true. I decided I really needed to give it a stress test and went under the George Washington Bridge. Even with cars and buses roaring underneath, on the other end of the line my wife could still hear what I was saying. As the noise reached its peak, I couldn’t hear a word she said, but while I was standing next to an idling bus or Mack truck we could hold a conversation.

Yet, under normal circumstances, the headset sound tends to be a bit scratchy, and others report that words are occasionally clipped. The headset supports Bluetooth 1.2, although the Treo only supports Bluetooth 1.1. So when used with a Bluetooth 1.2 device, sound quality may improve.

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