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Krusell Handit II

Thu May 5, 2005 - 12:24 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


The Krusell Handit II is a unique flip lid case that unsnaps and flips open for the main unit and again unsnaps and flips back further to reveal the camera. This provides extra protection for both the front and back of the Treo. There is also Krusell’s special Multidapt clip system allowing customizable belt clip options and a plastic overlay for the keyboard.


The top flap of the Krusell flip lid easily flips upwards and out of the way while talking on the phone. When closed, a loop of leather snaps onto the back of the case— no fancy magnetic latching here, just a good old-fashioned snap that clicks firmly into place. As you open the flip, it is possible to continue to peel it down there backside where another snap holds the rest of the flap in place over the camera. In my mind, this is the most ‘controversial’ part of the case design as it adds a thick bulky back piece just to protect the camera. The F650 case gets around this problem simply by allowing the top fold of the case to fold down far enough to uncover the camera lens. However, this extra flap does add to the protective properties of the case.

The Multidapt clip feature means it is possible to use this clip with a variety of Krusell clips. The clip included is a basic belt clip; however it is possible to get a clip that you thread your belt through, a spring clip, and most intriguingly a mini clip that allows the case ride snuggly to the hip (TreoCentral carries the spring clip that is used to clip the case onto a pocket instead of a belt). Finally, the nub of the clip can be mostly removed, though there is still part of the clip mechanism on the case.

On the front inside cover are two SD card slots and space for a few business cards. The case itself is made of black leather with fine black stitching. The leather is thick and has a lovely look and feel—a textured matt finish that has a bit of sheen in the right light. On the front is a large rivet with Krusell on it, and on the inside is a small jeans-type tag with the logo as well.


With the flip lid closed, the side buttons and headphone jack are available, though there is a bit of a mesh covered peephole for the back speaker. This does muffle the sound from the speaker though. Open the case and the Treo is ready for business. The lid hangs harmlessly out of the way while you talk on the phone. Keep pulling on the flip lid and it will unsnap from the back as well, revealing the camera. This does create a bit too much excess material hanging in space while using the camera, though the camera is certainly usable.

This case has a plastic covering for the keypad. I thought I would hate this feature, though after using it, I can take it or leave it. It doesn’t slow me down much while using the keypad, yet even after eating greasy potato chips and using the keypad, I didn’t see that much benefit. I did notice that I tended to use my fingernails on the keys sometimes and that after time this will most likely dimple the plastic. While the keyboard is covered, there is not a plastic overlay for the screen. You’ll want to use a screen protector if you use the stylus often. With the flip lid closed, the screen is extremely well protected as the lid is thick and strong.

If there is one minor issue, it is that the cross piece of leather rides a little low so as to rest just off the home and menu buttons and on top of the five way navigator. This should not be enough of a nuisance to keep anyone from purchasing the case, but a couple of extra millimeters clearance would have been better. Perhaps if the Treo settles into the case, it will line up perfectly. Speaking of nuisances, as there is no top restraining mechanism, the Treo slides out of the case a bit while attaching the hotsync connector.

Krusell is very proud of its Multidapt clip system, and it is worth surfing over to its website to find out more about it. The clip options are numerous and the one that most intrigues me is the miniclip. If you want to use the case without a belt clip, the little nub slides out of the case side of the clip. However, this does not make the unit sleek enough to comfortably ride in a front pants pocket. It will fit into a coat pocket, briefcase, or pocketbook easily however. The clip also has a lanyard loop and although it is unlikely that many will want this option, the few who do will appreciate it.

What bulks up the unit is the extra snap flap for the camera. Combined with the solid front flip, the Treo is extremely well protected both front and back. The Treo could probably take some hard knocks in this case. Between the extra flap and the included clip option, the Treo does not hug the hip, though it does feel securely attached.

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