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LG Electronics becomes Palm OS licensee

Wed Jul 6, 2005 - 12:20 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

More Treo competition

PalmSource announced today that LG Electronics has signed a license agreement to use the Palm OS in smartphones. This is a major win for PalmSource. Below is from a recent press release from LG indicating strong growth for its products, which can only mean good things for users clamoring for more Palm OS smartphone options.
SAN DIEGO, June 10, 2005 – According to a recently released mobile phone market share study from leading information technology market research and advisory firm IDC, LG Electronics MobileComm (LG Mobile Phones) has significantly increased its overall share of the U.S. mobile handset market from Q1 2004 to their present position, moving into the number two spot for the first quarter of 2005. Selling nearly 5.5 million handsets in the first months of 2005, LG’s overall market share is 17.6% for the quarter. LG sold more than 11 million handsets worldwide in Q1 ‘05, establishing itself globally as the forth-ranked handset maker, according to IDC.

Additionally, the IDC report reveals that LG has once again won the largest share of the U.S. CDMA mobile handset market in Q1 ‘05, shipping nearly 4.6 million units to garner 30.8 percent of total CDMA sales in the U.S, solidifying LG’s dominance of the CDMA market in the first quarter of the year.

In addition to its robust leadership in the CDMA market, just over 18 months after the launch of its first GSM handset in the U.S., LG has continued its impressive growth in the GSM category. LG secured the number four spot in the U.S. GSM market in Q1 of 2005, with over 895,000 GSM handsets shipped, demonstrating a rapid rise from the number six spot the company occupied in Q1 2004. LG’s GSM global market share has steadily increased since 2001, and the company’s strong growth in the GSM market has LG poised to continue its major expansion into the U.S. GSM space throughout 2005.
Marketing numbers aside, the more Palm OS smartphones, the better. It means that PalmOne will have to become more innovative in order to retain current customers and attract new ones. You can discuss the announcement here.

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