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MOBO Wallet Organizer

Fri Jul 22, 2005 - 3:37 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


If I’m not mistaken, the Treo was so named because it had a trio of functions: PDA, Internet, and phone. Now, it can also handle MP3s, photos, video, yet Palm still insists on calling it a Treo. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it can do many more than those three tasks. For whatever reason, the name remains.

Many of us are looking for a case that is as versatile as the device we carry. We’d like to leave our wallet at home and have a case that can handle credit cards, cash, and business cards. Is the MOBO Wallet Organizer up to the task?


The leather of the MOBO Wallet Organizer feels good and is a matte black with black stitching. The front flap has MOBO engraved on a little plate. Speaking of that front flap, this is a vertical pouch case. The Treo slides into the top and a flap drops over the top where an invisible magnet snaps it into place.

The back of the case has a swiveling low profile belt clip. The wallet part of the case lies between the swivel clip and the normal case back. Unhook the Velcro tab and the back of the case opens up to reveal the wallet part of the case: two pockets on each side for credit cards, a drivers license, business cards, health insurance card, perhaps some cash.

The pouch for the Treo itself is not as elegant as it could be because the top and bottom of the Treo is exposed on each side. I think a case with these openings must be easier to manufacture as closing the corners take more manufacturing work. Still, I don’t think this sacrifices protection.


When I first saw this case, I thought: finally, I can leave the wallet at home. I wish that were entirely true. Even though there are four pockets to the case, care must be taken with choosing how to use them. I would suggest a maximum of two credit cards or ATM cards. Then you might fill out the organizer with thin cards -- a metro card, drivers license, or a few business cards. You’ll notice there is not really a spot for cash so a money clip or some other solution may be in order.

I also discovered that this was a situational case. If I wanted to go do laundry, for instance, then I had to swap out one of the thicker plastic cards for my laundry card. If I needed a school ID (that’s faculty folks), I’d have to find a spot for that, perhaps swapping out the cash card. If I felt unlucky, I’d squeeze in my health insurance card. What the case really needs is an accordion style hinge where the wallet part of the case meets the back of the case letting the wearer decide how full, and thick, to make the back of the case.

As a vertical pouch case, there is a lot to like. The beltclip, built into the case, is low profile and strong. It also swivels freely and I suppose could be carried in the horizontal position. The top flap snaps satisfyingly down over the top held by magnets. The Treo is snug, but easy to remove. There are no cut outs for anything so you’ll need to remove the Treo for use, even charging. This case is not MP3 friendly.

I also felt uncomfortable wearing the case on my belt when I had my credit card, cash, and ATM card in the wallet part of the case. Wearing a wallet on your belt seems like an invitation for disaster. Fortunately, the belt clip is low profile enough for the unit to slip in pocket. That said, I wish the belt clip were removable.

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