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Nokia HS-11W Bluetooth Headset

Mon Aug 1, 2005 - 12:29 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse


The Nokia Wireless Headset is certainly no frills. No lanyard, carry case, eyeglass clip in the box—just a simple headset only denoted by a model number HS-11W. Simplicity is the order of the day here. There are no fancy hinges, bendable plastic bits, or ear loops that swivel from left to right side. A split plastic ear loop of flexible plastic slides over the ear and the headset can be pivoted with ease.

Speaking of ease, just turn the device on, start the Bluetooth pairing sequence on the Treo, and the headset is paired almost immediately. Some headsets have sequences or simultaneous buttons to push; not so here. Turn on the unit, tap a couple of times on the Treo, enter the passcode of four zeros and you are up and running.

The usual multifunction button, used primarily to answer and hang up calls, is on the face of the unit. It is easy to find and even has a little raised bump to help center your finder. On one edge is the volume up and down rocker, also featuring the raised plastic nub to help your finger find the optimal spot. The power button is opposite.

The headset is made of dark and light grays, with the buttons a softer plastic than the rest of the unit. Instead of the ubiquitous blue flashing LED, the HS-11W has a green one to let you know the unit is communicating with your phone.


Perhaps there is no lanyard because the HS-11W can easily slip into a pocket. The unit is flexible plastic and there is no need to worry about bumps, bruises, scrapes, or other mishaps. Also, because of the clip like nature of the ear loop area, it can handily be hung from a shirt pocket. It doesn't grasp it, but in an office environment I'd trust it to stay in place.

One thing that impressed me was how fast the headset kicked on after you dial a call. All Bluetooth headsets have a lag between the dialing and the calls transfer to the headset. With the Nokia HS-11W, the lag was almost minimal. It was the same when receiving a call. The Treo rings and pressing the multifunction button on the Nokia answered the call almost immediately.

The unit is extremely lightweight and comfortable. I often find that there is a correlation between comfort and how hard the unit grips your ear. This seems to have found a nice balance. I felt the unit was secure, though I did know it was there.

Call Quality

Of course, the most important feature of any headset is sound quality. Although not perfect, the HS-11W passes the test. It does have a slightly bassy echo at times (at its worst a little underwater sounding), and under some conditions does cut and clip conversations a bit — something I've noticed with most of the Bluetooth headsets I've reviewed. And my niece says "Tell them it sounds scratchy."

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