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Executive Leather Gadget Belt

Tue Aug 23, 2005 - 12:45 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


One of the joys of owning a Treo is that there is no "perfect" case that covers all situations. One may carry a beltclip case while at work then switch to a waterproof case when on the boat during weekends. Of course no one case is best for everyone.

When I first read the forum discussion about the Davila Executive Leather Gadget Belt (hereafter Gadget Belt), I was overjoyed. Finally I could wear my Treo and not have any obvious bulges (well any other bulges) around the waistline, and I could look stylish at the same time!


The Gadget Belt is available in either brown or black leather. The leather is very thin and can scuff easily; in fact the Gadget Belt was already scuffed a little when I received it. You connect the suspenders using velcro, which completely covers the backing of the straps.

The case is designed so that it can carry any normal PDA or iPod. It protects all but the top quarter (speaker and up) of the Treo. A velcro strap is used to secure the Treo, and the case securely fastens to the Gadget Belt using two velcro flaps. One of the flaps has double-sided velcro to ensure that the case does not slide while on a suspender.

The back of the Gadget Belt has a crisscross with an odd calligraphy logo—the letters "RD" over a sword and knight chess piece (pictured). The company's name is Davila Enterprises, so I can only assume that RD refers to the founder's name. A horizontal strap goes across the top of the back, helping to secure the belt.


As I am not a police officer, I had no idea how to wear the Gadget Belt properly. I had to go by product photos and aligning the back logo before I could wear the Gadget Belt. Just make sure the horizontal strap is at the top. I would have preferred another strap along the bottom, as the Gadget Belt feels very weird to wear and does not feel very secured.

Perhaps it is works better for people of a particular frame. I have an average build with medium-broad shoulders, and when wearing the Gadget Belt, its straps did not give me much room to attach the case. The case was either too high, reminiscent of those CB radios that security guards talk into on their shoulders, or too low, making it uncomfortable to lower my arms.

Since the full name of the product is the "Executive Leather Gadget Belt," one would assume that this belt would work well for men that wear suits. One would have assumed incorrectly. When I wore the Gadget Belt with a sport jacket, I looked like I had an abnormal growth coming out of my shoulder. If you purchase the Gadget Belt from SkyMall, you can add a second case for $9.95. Perhaps that would have evened things out so that instead of an abnormal growth, it would have looked like I had breasts.

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> Name Executive Leather Gadget Belt
> Company Davila Enterprises
> Color Black, Brown
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
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> $49.95

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