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mr Handsfree Family Charger Station

Mon Aug 29, 2005 - 1:41 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


I have always had a love of technology and gadgets. As I sit at my kitchen table writing this review, I have about ten accessories that just came in scattered across the table, including three or so headsets. I love my Treo 650, but I also switch to a Sony/Ericsson K700i phone several times a week. The problem is that I'm always forgetting to charge them. When I saw the mr Handsfree Family Charger Station (hereafter Charger Station), I thought "Finally! An accessory just for me."

The Charger Station is not your father's power strip. It lets you charge three different PDAs, phones, etc. in one spot without any cable clutter. The silver cradles have a knob on the back that is used to adjust the width, so they can hold my Treo and my K700 easily and still have a place to drape the earloop of a headset or for an iPod.


By now you're wondering what the Charger Station buys you when you can just buy a $10 powerstrip for all your gear. The problem with a normal powerstrip is that you can't easily get to your things and all those cables get in the way. The Charger Station displays your Treo and phone such that you can get a glimpse of who's calling and keeps your cables out of the way.

Most power cables are about three feet long, so the base of the Charger Station has storage for those cables. You only need to keep out about six inches of cable to be able to plug in your devices.

The Charger Station is also wall-mountable. When mounted, the cradles flip to the other side of the station and are more vertical.

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