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TinySheet 3.1

Sat Dec 9, 2000 - 2:35 PM EST - By James Hromadka


I love spreadsheet applications.  I've used Lotus 123, and when I was in high school I had an Excel file with me and my friend Lance's bowling averages neatly laid out and graphed.  Now with the color capability of TinySheet, I was looking forward to seeing if a Palm OS application can keep the essence of simplicity and ease of use that desktop spreadsheet applications bring.

File listingUsing TinySheet is very easy.  When you open the application there is a listing of spreadsheet files and their size.  Incidentally, TinySheet files are pretty, well, tiny.  Even my wife's Christmas list with all the things we're buying for our families came in at only 5.2 Kb on the Visor vs. 17 Kb in Windows.  Tap on the file you wish to open or tap and hold to bring up a list of options (Edit, Delete, Duplicate, Beam, or Details).  Use the buttons on the bottom to sort by Name or Size.

PreferencesSelect Tools | Preferences to change Global Find options and to let the Address and To Do hard buttons be the left and right arrows.  This particular option is a must-use for those wide spreadsheets and is one of my favorite features in TinySheet.  The Visor's screen is so small that you will be doing plenty of scrolling.  This is the first option you should turn on.

Mini CalculatorIf you frequently use Excel, picking up on TinySheet won't take long.  Use the stylus to select a cell or to change row/column widths by tapping and dragging the line separator between rows/columns.  A quick calculator button at the top right of the screen lets you do some quick calculations for a cell.  The sigma (E) button lets you quickly enter a formula for adding a selection of numbers (see picture).

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Product Info
> Name TinySheet 3.1
> Company iambic, Inc.
> Color Yes
> Size 181 K
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> $29.95

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