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PalmSource becomes founding member of LiPS Forum

Mon Nov 14, 2005 - 3:33 PM EST - By James Hromadka

More than LiPService?

Although Palm CEO Ed Colligen recently assured PalmOS developers that Palm is not abandoning the platform, many Treo users are still worried that the buyout of PalmSource by ACCESS will see the platform wither away. PalmSource has made several announcements over the past year regarding various Linux consortiums that it was joining in an effort to speed along the PalmOS moving to Linux, and today the company announced that it is a founding member of the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum. It seems that PalmOS will be around for quite a while.

The LiPS Forum hopes to accelerate the adoption of Linux in fixed, mobile and converged devices by standardizing Linux-based services and APIs that most directly influence the development, deployment and interoperability of applications and user-level services. Other founding members include France Telecom/Orange, FSM Labs, Huawei, Jaluna, MontaVista Software, MIZI Research, Open Plug, Arm, Cellon and Esmertec.

Michael Kelley, senior vice president of engineering from PalmSource commented, "Becoming a part of the LiPS Forum further demonstrates our belief in the potential of Linux and our plans to developing on Linux. We believe that by simplifying the adoption of Linux in fixed, mobile and converged devices, and working to ensure that they match the requirements of operators and consumers, the LiPS Forum will play an important part in making Linux a truly mass market proposition."

I sincerely hope that the Palm operating system continues to be used by Palm and other licensees. Although Windows Mobile has improved over the years, there are a lot of current Palm users (myself included) that are loathe to use a Windows PDA because they are Mac users or because they simply don't want to use a Microsoft product. On the other hand, if any company could make a Windows Mobile device that was as easy to use as a PalmPilot, it would be Palm.

Click here for the full press release.

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