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Blue Nomad Security Suite Plus

Tue Jan 31, 2006 - 2:34 PM EST - By Harv Laser

BackupBuddyVFS when you're away

Now Blue Nomad has taken BackupBuddy and shrunken it down to a Palm-only program, BackupBuddyVFS, a.k.a. "The Gatherer": BBVFS gathers all your programs and files and stores them as a backup on a memory card. If you lose your Treo’s data, as long as you have your card with you, you can use BBVFS to restore everything, so you don’t need to wait until you have access to your HotSync cradle and computer to do it.

BBVFS has a very rich feature set.

  • One-touch backup and restore of files to and from your expansion cards.
  • Incremental backups with optional encryption and compression that saves space on your cards.
  • Checkpoints to keep multiple backups on your cards.

    And get this – unlike other programs, BackupBuddyVFS lets you backup multiple devices to the same card, as long as the card has room and their HotSync IDs are different. How cool is that? You can
    customize a backup or restore, schedule backups and even set it to backup every time you power off your Palm. The feature list just goes on and on. It also supports the newer Palms with big screens, collapsible Graffiti panes (T5, LifeDrive, Zodiacs, TX and so on), portrait and landscape modes, verbose logging; this program does it all.

    Bonus programs in the Suite to do even more.

    Blue Nomad’s Security Suite also includes RemoveIt, nicknamed "The Hunter". If you try lots of third-party apps you’ll notice less of your precious memory left even after you delete them, because of most of them leave some files, prefs, or other crap behind, even when they’re deleted. These unwanted bits take up valuable space in memory. RemoveIt monitors the creation of all files and prefs by a running application and can remove all of them (including hidden items) when uninstalling.

    Lastly, there’s Swordfish a.k.a. "The Shelter": Swordfish stores your personal information with strong encryption to protect it from prying eyes or thieves. With it, you can easily manage usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, pins, bank account numbers, or anything else you need to have with you and keep secure. It’s all stored in an encrypted format that can be retrieved by entering a single password. Sure, you can do the same thing with a piece of paper in your wallet. Ever lost your wallet or have it go through the laundry? Need I say more?

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    > Tested with SprintPCS Treo 650, Windows XP Laptop
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