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Seidio Skinned Shield Holster

Wed Mar 22, 2006 - 3:58 PM EST - By James Hromadka


Holsters are very popular with cell phone users. Walk into any office building, and you will see people wearing their RAZR or Nokia at their side, ready to be answered. The Treo 650 is no stranger to holsters either. I had previously reviewed the Seidio Shield Holster and found it quite usable. But what if you have a skin case? You can either take the Treo out of its case an put it in the Shield Holster, which would get old quickly, or take a look at the Seidio Skinned Shield Holster. Is this the panacea that skin case users have been looking for?


I had always liked the concept of a skin case but found the reality to be lacking. You get a nice thin, “low profile” but protective case that is a pain to get out of your pocket, because it’s so grippy. The Skinned Shield Holster eliminates this problem by letting you have your skin-protected Treo on your belt and still remove it quickly. I had previously tried out the Speck SkinTight case [review | buy] but found the holster utterly worthless because it was flimsy and thin. The Skinned Shield Holster has no such issues. It is made of strong polycarbonate plastic that securely holds the Treo, and a hinged flap lifts for quick access. This flap is a unique way to secure the Treo and works really well. I wear the Treo on my right side and flip the hinge up with my forefinger and remove the Treo in one sweeping motion. I'm no Jesse James but I can still whip out the Treo quickly enough to answer an incoming call.

While the Treo is in the Skinned Shield Holster, you can still plug in your headphones and adjust the volume, and the Treo faces your body, protecting its screen from the elements. A strong belt clip keeps the holster at your side and swivels and locks into seven different positions. This is very handy as you can wear the Treo either vertically, horizontally, or somewhere in between.

I've always been nervous about holsters because they look like they could be easily knocked off your belt. But those fears were squashed when I wore the Skinned Shield Holster one day while helping my father on the family farm. After a day of hauling hay, fixing fence, and in general just moving around and bumping up against things, the Skinned Shield Holster kept my Treo 650 at my side without any foul-ups. Skin cases tend to attract lint while in your pocket, so there were a few pieces of hay on the outside of my case, but the Treo was safe and sound.

As far as compatible skin cases go, The Skinned Shield Holster works with the Smartphone Experts S650 case [review | buy] or any skin case that's only a few millimeters thick.

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